What is Mindfulness Meditation?

Mindfulness Meditation is remembering and learning to pay ‘kind attention’ to the present moment and if we are pulled away by distractions to learn to come back to the present moment.

Mindfulness is the quality, focus and power of the mind that is aware of what’s happening without judgement or interference.
Without mindfulness we:
+ rush and become lost in our world.
+ use our mind like Velcro – attaching to the negative, always looking and reacting to the negative with fear.
Mindfulness is about slowing down – not flitting from one thing to another – or perpetually ‘multi-tasking.’
The program offered is derived from Buddhist teachings by John Julian – Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Mindfulness Teacher and Mental Health Trainer.

How will this course help you?

The course runs for 8 weeks each term. Each week we focus on an issue that affect us in our daily lives and then we use a meditation technique to help us cope with that aspect. By learning to be compassionate to ourselves and by becoming aware of why we feel unhappy or unsatisfied, we can help ourselves to reach a better place.


Learn and implement simple techniques that you can use anytime, anywhere, to help calm yourself day to day.


Take time out to practice self love and self compassion – make decisions in your life with kindness and without judgement.


Reduce stress and anxiety in your everyday lives to improve your general health & wellbeing.


Meet like-minded individuals and encourage others to slow down and look after themselves.

What do our students have to say?

Thank you for your Meditation teachings. I am finding myself very calm & centred inside my core self. It’s a very new & peaceful feeling. Your Meditation course was, for me, life changing & has contributed to my healing journey – in particular, my anxiety. Thank you. Maria T.

Just a quick note to let you know how much I have enjoyed the Mindfulness Meditation course. I have a greater sense of living in the present moment. I am catching myself in the middle of a thought and choosing how I want to think! I also find that I have more compassion for myself, thinking ‘It’s ok to make mistakes -I’m human.’ Many thanks, Andrew.


I found Andrew’s class easy to understand, he explained the concepts well & I was happy to build on my new meditation skill each week. A worthwhile experience that’s added to my wellbeing. David

Our Course is currently undergoing development.

Stay tuned for any updates.

Can’t join us at the Centre?

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