Why connect with your Mind?

Δ Learn what ‘stresses you out’ & how you can best handle situations to ease your stress

Δ Know what you truly want, desire & need in your life

Δ Learn how to rest your mind & nourish yourself (think: self care and compassion)

Δ Be more available to the other people in your life (read: family, friends and colleagues)

Δ Relax your body so it can function effectively & heal

Δ Reduce muscle tension, headaches and blood pressure

Δ Improve sleep (and getting enough good quality sleep is high on your bodies priority list!)

Below are some resources you might like to use to start with in connecting with your mind – your thoughts have the power to lift you up or bring you down, we know where we want you to be!

Join our Meditation Classes

We run Meditation classes at our Wellness Centre in Wantirna, Victoria. Learn and implement simple techniques that you can use anytime, anywhere, to help calm yourself day to day. 
Take time out to practice self love and self compassion and reduce stress and anxiety in your everyday lives to improve your general health & wellbeing.

A little Reading to Inspire

Δ So, what is The Aim of Meditation?
Δ Power of a Positive Attitude – let’s share those positive vibes!
Δ Declutter your Mind – Think: Organisation meets Meditation.
Δ Be kinder to yourself – Mindfulness & Self Compassion
Δ There’s no one size fits all – We all Handle Stress differently