Why connect with your Body?

There’s nothing than better than feeling vibrant, energised and ready to face the day. Regardless of whether you’re off to work, rest or play – you want your body to be feeling good!

The more awareness we have of how we really ‘feel’ means we can make better choices in each moment.

Δ Do you need a glass of water?

Δ Do you need to stretch your legs after sitting at your desk all day?

Δ Perhaps you’ve been eating on the run for a few days & all you want is a big bowl of leafy greens (We know that you’ve felt like that!)

Paying attention to how you feel ‘in your body’ sounds simple but many of us don’t have a very strong connection with our bodies yet learning to connect with your body can have a great impact on our health & wellness.

Below are some resources you might like to use to start working on that ‘body connection’ (and remember, the better you feel in yourself the more prepped you are to perform and enjoy your day!)

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A little Reading to Inspire

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