Why connect with the Earth?

Often people can take their connection with the world around them for granted. Whether we consciously realise it or not, the earth is a complex living system. Yes, we all live busy lives but when we realise that we are a part of this vast, interconnected system we can create wonderful shifts in the way we think and live.

Δ It’s our home – the only one we have (at present!) that provides food, water & shelter.

Δ We have so much to learn from it. Nature teaches us about the importance of balance, rhythm, collaboration/working together.

Δ Our actions, both individually and collectively, impacts how the earth’s bio-systems function. Read: work with the earth, rather than simply take from it. 

Δ It’s pretty spectacular. Envision: sunsets, rainforests, mountain tops.

The best part of creating a connection with the elements is that you can get super creative about how you choose to do it! For you connecting with the earth might mean:

Δ Bushwalking, hiking, canoeing and nature adventures.

Δ Creating a backyard (or balcony) veggie garden with your partner or children.

Δ A trip to the local Farmer’s Market to support local farmers and enjoy wonderful, fresh produce on your plate.

You see the earth is a big part of the puzzle! 

+ Feed your body fresh produce and you’ll feel alive and ready to take on your days!

+ Spend some time in the elements breathing, reflecting and meditating and your mind will thank you.

This space is about bringing you practical suggestions and ideas to assist and inspire you to interact with the earth in a positive, balanced way.

Connecting, in some way, with the earth will bring you more benefits than you may have first thought! Below are some resources you might like to use to start connecting with the earth around you. 

A little Reading to Inspire

Δ Some simple tips you can try to Help Save our Bees.
Δ What is Permaculture? Pete shares his simple summary with us.
Δ ‘News from the Mews’ – regular blog series sharing sustainable living tips we use on our property. Think growing fresh produce, aquaculture, backyard chooks & more.