Feed the Wolf of Love – Practising Gratitude

Feed the Wolf of Love – Practising Gratitude

‘In my heart there are two wolves : a wolf of love and wolf of hate. It all depends on which one I feed each day.’ – Native American Elder


You may have heard the quote above. If not, it’s well worth pondering. Such a simple sentence, yet it explores two very important ideas.

Δ  Love versus Hate
Δ   The Power of Choice

I recently attended an anniversary where the speaker spoke of the joy he experienced when he was with family and friends. He spoke of meeting new people and enjoying those moments – he gave thanks for all the precious things in his life. It got me thinking that no matter what hardships we have experienced, or are currently experiencing, there is always something that we can be thankful for.

For me, the transition to spring has been something I am very grateful for.  Springtime brings with it a feeling of joy and excitement, of new things to come and that energises me.

Nature is incredibly grounding – and pausing in nature can create a surge of gratitude. There is SO much around us to be grateful for. However, the ‘busyness’ of life can often drag us along and we miss these moments of gratitude.

So, to loop back to where I opened this post:

Δ   Gratitude means perceiving ‘love’ over ‘hate’ – seeing the silver lining, the hidden gem, the miracle.
Δ   Practising gratitude is a choice – either you’re consciously grateful or you’re not.

Why is practising gratitude regularly so important?

Because gratitude feeds the Wolf of Love.

I want you to think about what you’re grateful for today.

Δ   Is it the comforting hug from a loved one at the end of a busy day?
Δ   Is it the home cooked meal on the table?
Δ   Is it the weekend laughs with family and friends?
Δ   Is it the warmer weather and sunshine on your skin?
Δ   Maybe it’s the electricity bill (ie. the energy that kept you warm over winter)?

There is always something to be grateful for and acknowledging those things regularly feeds your ‘Wolf of Love’ – and that is ALWAYS good for the heart, the head and the soul.

So, what are you grateful for today? Write it down, make it tangible and enjoy the buzz!

Mental Health Week 2015 – Stepping in the Right Direction

Mental Health Week 2015 – Stepping in the Right Direction

Last week was Mental Health Week (4th October to 10th October) and Wantirna Wellness staff members were asked to participate in a program arranged by Deakin University, Faculty of Arts and Education in Burwood, Victoria, for the mental wellness of their staff. Angela and myself provided Deakin University staff short, 15 minute Reflexology and Massage sessions as part of the Mental Health Week initiative.

Both of us found this a great experience on many levels. We were so glad to see a university valuing their employees enough to make the effort to address mental health week. Deakin University created an initiative that was both informative and interactive, introducing their staff to modalities that may assist them in managing their own mental health.

Let’s face it, it doesn’t matter how organised we think we are, work can get on top of us! Add to this our ordinary ‘day to day’ family issues and life in general and things can become increasingly hard to manage, stressful and take a toll on our overall health.

It’s how we react and deal with the pressures that life presents us that form part of our ‘solution’ to managing our stress and not letting it get out of control. Mental Health week endeavours to highlight how important nurturing our mental health is to our overall wellbeing and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues. In light of this, I’d love to share a few of the things we shared with the staff at Deakin University to assist them in nurturing their mental health – you may just find it beneficial too!

Δ   Massage – Ange worked with staff to help relax and loosen tight muscles, freeing up their neck and shoulders, which is often where we tend to carry a lot of stress. Staff made the comment that they felt like they were floating out of the room!

Consider regular massages as a part of your plan to manage your stress, particularly if you hold a lot of tension in your upper shoulders and neck that can cause headaches, migraines etc.

Δ   Mindful Breathing – I included the 5 mindful breath technique in her Reflexology sessions. I taught staff this technique so that they can use it anytime, anywhere to help get through their day (no matter what’s going on!)

The staff tried out the technique during their Reflexology sessions – the perfect accompaniment to the acupressure I was using to help staff tap into their ‘rest and digest’ (parasympathetic nervous system) part of their nervous system.

Δ   Reaching out to Others – Our day at Deakin highlighted the importance of connecting with others. We had the opportunity to meet new people and work collaboratively to educate and inspire others to prioritise their mental health and wellbeing.

Our health is often a team effort, so connect with the people that can help you!

Δ   Taking Care of You – Prioritise self-care, relaxation and creating calm in your day (even if it’s just a few moments!) is paramount to general health and wellbeing. In Australia particularly, there is an overarching sentiment to ‘push on’ and ‘be tough.’ Trying to ‘slog it out’ when things are becoming increasingly stressful or exhausting,is a sure fire way to burn out, get sick and lose control.

Creating space in your day for yourself isn’t selfish and it isn’t soft – it’s vital. So let’s shift the message – supporting our own mental health deserves space and time! And, while we’re at it, let’s encourage (and follow suit) those of us that DO prioritise our mental wellbeing.

It was lovely for Angela and myself to work in such a caring environment for the benefit of the staff and to acknowledge that mental health is such an important part of general health and wellbeing (that is often ignored or the last thing that people address.)

We would like to say a special thank you to Deakin University for including us in their mental health week initiative and for their interest in the mental health of their staff – we hope more and more organisations take a leaf out of their book to educate and empower people to prioritise their mental health (in and out of the workplace.)

To health and happiness,


Were you a part of any Mental Health Week initiatives or events? I’d love to hear more about groups or businesses that are highlighting the importance of mental health to our overall wellbeing. 

My Utopia Women’s Wellness Festival Experience 2015

My Utopia Women’s Wellness Festival Experience 2015

On Saturday 26th September I did myself a huge favour and attended the Utopia Women’s Wellness Festival event held at Melbourne Park.

The day was truly spectacular! Hearing wonderful key speaker who truly spoke from the heart about our health, wellbeing and how to push through the obstacles that are often presented to us when we are trying to live a healthy and a fulfilling life.

On arriving I entered into the Exhibitors area. This space was packed with stall holders sharing what their brands were about – everything from movement to healthy food choices to appliances that would assist you on your health and healing journey. There were multiple exhibitors offering sample tastings of products, massages, sharing information relevant for women ranging from young to not so young, interested in their wellbeing and how to live your best life.There was also a small stage where short information and interactive sessions were shared throughout the day.


Lisa Messenger – Anything is Possible

There were multiple speakers to choose from, with 2 rooms dedicated to presenters. My first session was with Lisa Messenger, Founder and Chief Editor of Renegade Collective Magazine. This magazine encourages you to be you and take a chance on the things you want to do in your life.

This lady has no fear and believes anything is possible. Lisa thinks about what she wants to do and then proceeds to see how she can make it happen. I loved her easy, relaxed approach with no airs or graces. I’m so glad to see she is inspiring so many people to live the life they truly desire. Her message was clear, all you need is determination and to give it your best with a willingness to just keep going.

Dr Sarah Lantz – Gut Health and Resilience

The next session was with Dr Sarah Lantz from Buchi Kombucha and her presentation on ‘Chemical Overload and Building Body Resiliency through Gut Health.’ I cannot express highly enough how wonderful it is to see someone talking about gut health and how important it is get this right in your system!

Gut health is vital to not only to feel good but to support a healthy body that can be resilient and fight against ‘obstacles’ – and there’s plenty of them in this modern world. Our environment, our food, our skincare/make up etc.

We have a constant responsibility to ourselves to maintain our bodies and mind the best we can. This doesn’t mean we are not going to be constantly challenged but we can help build our resilience. As you are aware we are nearly at our one year anniversary of our ‘tree-change’ and our goal of working towards more self-sufficiency and prioritising our health. In light of this I just can’t get enough of people like Sarah, I thoroughly enjoyed her talk and her wealth of knowledge!

Then we had our break for lunch – there were plenty of good food options and an efficient system to pass through the line. So nice to go and know you can purchase food that’s doing you good!

Jamie Gonzalez – Limitless Living

After lunch I had booked the session to see Jamie Gonzalez –  Limitless Living mentor. I hadn’t heard of Jamie before but I love people that encourage presence and the ‘here and now’ – as that is all we truly have. Jamie shared that by living in the present you can experience freedom, joy, gratitude and love through just being yourself and loving what you do. It truly is a great feeling and one you want to maintain!

Lola Berry – Real Food and Happiness

Next up was the natural, Lola Berry. Lola was raw and honest talking about the effect real food has on your happiness. She shared that when you eat processed foods, somewhere along the line you feel ‘not so good,’ lethargic, ‘couch potato’ and often you just can’t be bothered. I know that feeling, I’ve done it and I don’t ever want to go back there again.

Lola talked from the heart and about her ups and downs with food and why real food makes you feel good – I loved it. It’s great hearing people speak honestly about their journey and why they are living the life they currently live and how this brings them not only happiness but also improves their health and general wellbeing.

Tara Bliss – Sobriety and Spiritual Practice

After another short break I headed to see the final presenter for the day – last but certainly not least, Tara Bliss – Author of ‘A Party Girls Guide to Peace’ (of which I’m currently reading!)

Well, what an inspiration! This lady shared her ‘not so easy’ beginning but she didn’t sit there complaining about her lot in life. Instead, Tara shared her journey to make decisions that radically changed ‘her norm’ to a totally new way of living. She did so not really knowing why or how but simply by following her gut energy, she knew it was time.

I can’t express enough the importance of listening to your gut energy. We just aren’t encouraged to do this enough. We are lead along to do the ‘logical’ or what is perceived as the ‘right thing.’ The ‘right thing’ is listening to yourself and your intuition. You know best when it comes to you. The beauty is if you need a helping hand tuning in, there is a vast array of people coming into the spotlight that can help you stay on track. Find someone you connect with and give it a go!




All in all – there was so much in one area to help you enlighten yourself about how you can help become a better you!

Thank you Renee and team from Utopia Womens Wellness for organising this wonderful event and allowing me to be part of it. I’d highly recommend this event in Melbourne (it also tours Sydney and Brisbane, so check it out inter-staters!)

I look forward to the next event!


Have you attended Utopia Women’s Wellness Festival before? Did you have a favourite speaker/brand? Tell us more!

Wayne Dyer Lessons – Guiding me Back to What’s Important

Wayne Dyer Lessons – Guiding me Back to What’s Important

This year has been challenging for many people, including myself. I’ve seen and been given many opportunities, have learnt many lessons and had to make many decisions. I’m usually great at making decisions until the decision-making involves other people. I’ve had many a frustrating moment, but managed to get through someway or another, which each and everyone us eventually does!

My husband recently reminded me of Wayne Dyer via this great wrap up of some of Wayne Dyer’s most potent life changing lessons. Wayne Dyer passed away this year and there was a mass of wonderful tributes online sharing and honouring the work he did. I read over the lessons and journaled each one. As you’re aware I love to journal, it brings a lot of clarity to my existence and crates space for me to ponder in peace.

I’d like to share the lessons that stood out most for me in that moment:

Δ    Cooperation is healthier than competition. ‘If you are always in a hurry, always trying to get ahead of the other person’s performance which motivates you then that person is in control of you.’ This reminded me to come back to my main purpose in life and follow it, in my own way, on my own terms.

Δ    ‘Love is the ability and willingness to allow those that you care for be what they choose to be without any insistence that they satisfy you. I have no control over other peoples actions, I control my own destiny and that’s all I need to work on.

Δ    ‘All that you need is already with in you’ – By taking 5 minutes each day, I can discover that I do have access to happiness, peace and abundance and all is good at all times. ‘Being present right here, right now you have everything you need for complete peace and total happiness.’ This is so true, I do this daily especially when the going gets tough. It helps me to stay focused on what I truly need to do to live my life purpose.

Δ    Follow your heart and you will be successful. Doing what I love is the cornerstone of having abundance in my life. Whenever I am working I am filled with love and joy. It’s never a chore and the people I work with. and help, make it that way.

I strongly recommend you head to the site and read each of them. They will mean different things to different people depending on their stage in life and who they are as a person.

Explore what they mean to you now, not what you think they should mean, or perhaps what they meant 5 years ago. No doubt you will be able to come back to these lessons in the future and you’re understanding of them will have changed again. What is important is that you’re learning, evolving and coming back to yourself.

Wayne Dyer also shared this:

‘If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change’

I love this sentiment – I am in control of my own perceptions. I need to remind myself regularly of these lessons to try to keep myself on track as I know when I wander and move away from my life purpose I struggle the most. It’s not about how many times we lose sight, it’s about how we come back to ourselves and what’s most important to us.

It doesn’t need to be difficult, you just need to check back in when you need reminding, motivation and clarity. Follow your divine guidance. It’s there, you just need to listen to it.


Are you familiar with Wayne Dyer? Did any of the ‘life changing lessons’ stand out most for you? Share with us and celebrate the work his did in the world!