We’re a family of three sharing our journeys to happier, healthier and more abundant lives. We believe that:

‘The more connected you are to yourself (mind, body & spirit) and the earth around you, the better prepped you are to live in tune with your best life – whatever that looks like for you!’

Let us help you achieve your happiest, healthiest and most abundant life.

Marita Reynolds

Marita Reynolds

Founder & Ideas Woman

The Wantirna Wellness journey starts with me. I’ve been an entrepreneur in the health/wellness industry for 30+ years and always made my own rules. In the early days it was all work and no play as I ran my own health recruitment agency. Over time I’ve learnt to prioritise my health and wellbeing and in the last 15 years I have transitioned into running Wantirna Wellness Centre and working as a Chi Reflexologist, Reiki Master & Meditation Teacher.

During this new phase of my life I’ve been teaching people practical skills to improve their health & wellbeing by connecting with themselves (mind, body and spirit) – and I do all these things from a purposeful, true-to-myself place, without the unsustainable ‘all work no play’ mentality.

Peter Reynolds

Peter Reynolds

Earth Enthusiast

I’ve always had an interest in the body and the natural world. My background is in medical science, but the last 25 years has seen my interest in health & wellbeing accelerate, and includes studying naturopathy, yoga, meditation and permaculture.

I’ve reaped the benefits of creating connections between mind, body, earth & spirit. My goal is to provide practical tips, resources and inspiration to help you learn more about the elements, get more involved with the foods you eat and make healthy lifestyle choices for yourself, your family & friends.

Lisa Reynolds

Lisa Reynolds

Editor & Operations Lady

I’ve always battled with a case of the ‘shoulds.’ With a background in Environmental Science and Education, I followed the path of high school to university to graduate job- and it wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I felt increasingly disconnected from myself and my health issues became more limiting – a vicious cycle.

There’s something to be said about pausing – connecting with your mind, body, earth & spirit to find out what you most need and want in your life. No longer feeling like I ‘should do/be/have’ anything in particular has opened up a world of inspiring possibilities for me (and funnily enough, my health & wellbeing continues to improve.)

So, let us help you Start Connecting

Connection is worth striving for and we want to share our collective journey to help you find your own mind, body, earth connection.

The Nitty-Gritty – Our Skills, Values & Passions

Δ   Collectively, we’ve gained knowledge into how the mind, body & earth work

Δ   We each have passion for all things Mind, Body, Earth & Spirit

Δ   We understand how people learn & we have the ability to educate and inspire

Δ   Our communication & networking skills framework our commitment to growing our community

Δ   We see the importance and power of having a well-rounded life (on your own terms)

Δ   We see that a lack of connection in one aspect of our lives has the power to impact other aspects of our lives.

Δ   We see that connection brings with it: consciousness, health, happiness and community.

Diploma of Chi Reflexology
Advanced Certificate of Reflexology
Meditation for Life – ‘Train the Trainer’ Certification
Reiki Master Certification
Advanced Certificate in Human Resources
Cert IV Training & Assessment
Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry)
Diploma of Naturopathy
Permaculture Design Certificate
Bachelor of Science (Earth Science)
Graduate Diploma in Education