A Book Review of High: A Party Girls’ Guide to Peace by Tara Bliss

I recently read a book by Tara Bliss – A Party Girl’s Guide to Peace. It’s a wide reaching book that explores Tara’s journey from ‘Party Girl’ to a ‘Curious Explorer of Life’ and shares wonderfully practical tips to journey inward and discover your true self.

Tara, a former hairdresser, bungee-jumping teacher and martini shaking bar- tender now finds herself as a coach, author and kundalini yoga teacher helping women worldwide to find themselves and start living the life that they deserve to live, one filled with self-love and vibrant energy.


Her book describes her personal journey – filled with ups and downs and maps how she renewed her faith in herself. Tara describes the people she met along the way that helped and supported her in doing the personal work that she had to do to achieve a wonderful outcome of self love and acceptance.

She comes to realise that confidence, authenticity, fun and LIVING is possible without the aid of drugs, alcohol – well, without addiction to anything at all really. Often ‘addictions,’ be it to drugs, alcohol, exercise, work, drama… are fuelled by the belief that the ‘thing’ we’re addicted to somehow makes our lives a better story.

I love that Tara challenges her readers to CREATE their own story through conscious action and change.

Consciously creating your own life is PEACE, CONFIDENCE, CLARITY and HAPPINESS.

a party girl's guide to peace, addiction

This book also presents a few other wonderful challenges:

  • Contemplate why you do the things you do – in doing so you begin to learn who you truly are (without the noise of everyone/thing around you)

  • Embrace curiosity – there’s no ‘one way’ to do anything and that’s ok.

  • Don’t judge yourself (this one’s a biggie!) We’re often our harshest critic and that can anchor us in one place instead of believing we can change and move forward on our own terms.

At the end of each chapter there are prompts to get you exploring yourself and this aligns so perfectly with the message of  taking conscious action.

It’s in thought that you may discover a new path but it’s taking action that you propel towards change.

This book isn’t just for those of us who are questioning the weekends that they wake and can’t lift their head off the pillow for fear it will explode!

This book is for anyone that thinks there is MORE to life.

It’s also for anyone that finds themselves asking ‘Who am I without alcohol/drugs/drama?’

If you feel that there is not enough ‘true to you’ authenticity and peace in your life, be inspired into taking action and read ‘A Party Girl’s Guide to Peace.’

More on Tara Bliss:

As a former hair-dresser, bungee-jumping teacher and martini shaking bartender, Tara Bliss has always loved one thing: pushing herself and other people to go beyond what they think is appropriate.

These days as a best-selling author, network marketer and kundalini yoga teacher, she’s still deeply passionate about guiding women to stretch beyond what is reasonable, or what feels possible.

Named a ‘self-help guru’ by ELLE magazine, her teachings have been featured in Cleo, The Sunday Mail, The Daily Love and Mind Body Green.

When she’s not making shapes on her yoga mat or immersed in writing projects, you’ll find her playing with her vast collection of essential oils, planning a snowboarding trip with her man, or thinking about Mexican food.

Meet Tara at tarabliss.com.au