Yesterday I attended a cheese making course facilitated by Sharon Howard, from ‘Easy Cheesy- Cheese Made Easy’

During the course of the day, Sharon shared her passion for cheese making and explained to the participants some of the history of cheese making, the ingredients required, and the variations in procedures required to make different types of cheese.

It was a very hands on class, and we all got to produce our own batches of 3 varieties of cheese to take home: Fetta, Camembert and Mascarpone. All under Sharon’s watchful supervision, of course.

Cheese is a great addition to your diet and your fridge – here’s a few reasons why:

Δ   It’s packed full of vitamins – particularly those that are fat soluble for example. Vitamin A and Vitamin K
Δ   Cheese = healthy fats for good cardiovascular health
Δ   Source of protein and calcium
Δ   You can freeze cheese – just grate it into portions and pop in the freezer for next time

Here’s a few photos from throughout the day. The day was very friendly and informal – PLUS we all enjoyed some red wine, breadsticks, cheese and strawberries in between our cheese making duties. Delightful!






If you’ve ever wanted to make cheese at home or have an interest in cheese making in general, I can highly recommend Sharon’s classes.

Sharon can be contacted on 0412 808 032 or by email at:

And, you may just like to enjoy your home made cheese with these?




Have you ever made your own cheese at home? If so, what types have you found the easiest to make, or perhaps the tastiest?