I’m a bit of an ‘organiser.’ I have always been big on writing lists, categorising – I’m not a fan of clutter.

Clutter means disorder and confusion. Clutter = barriers to moving forward. Both literally and metaphorically. If you live in a cluttered space you can’t function properly. If you live in a cluttered mind, the same can be said.

Sometimes it is easier to clear the space around you first to then be able to work on clearing your mind. We’ve all had times in our lives where we wonder what we are doing and where we are going. It is often during these times that, if we allow ourselves to take some time out and listen to ourselves, that we can clearly see what it is we need to do to achieve our goals and seek our passion.

Often, it is the clutter in our minds that cloud what is real and necessary for us to achieve our best lives. Deep down we know this. However, everyday life and the constant hustle and bustle can congest our thought processes – we aren’t to blame! We don’t see clearly and we don’t take time to listen to ourselves because too much is happening around us.

We can take charge though. It is when we give ourselves permission to take time out and take a step back (not get caught up in the chaos around us) then we can achieve clarity and process our thoughts calmly. When we take this time, and we feel this clarity, we can then proceed without reservation in the right direction for us.

I encourage you all to take the necessary steps (whatever that is for you) to help you see clearly. It might be taking up meditation, it might be practising being present, it might be kicking the ‘toxic’ thought habit.

You can also take some time to declutter your mind.

You can approach your ‘clutter’ in steps – remember that it’s a process of clearing. It is uplifting and energising to clear out the things that don’t serve you in a positive way. Think about the following:

  • Look around you to see what clutter is blocking your flow of energy – it may be prompted by a chance of seasons, or moving house, or perhaps your children leaving home. Whatever it is, it can be associated with indecisiveness, disorganised space and us feeling ‘stuck’
  • Space clearing – removing the physical grime and finding a home for all your ‘things’ –  start small
  • By cleaning and clearing stuff we are helping ourselves think more clearly
  • Respect others belongings – you can clear your ‘stuff’ but others need to clear their ‘stuff’ when they are ready
  • Make a list and get organised prior to starting – What will you be putting the ‘stuff’ into? Where will it be going if you aren’t keeping it? Think Salvos, local schools/kinder etc.
  • Ask yourself questions when you are going through things – Does this item lift my spirits and make me feel good? Do I really love it? Do I have a use for it? (I might need this one day… do you really need it?)
  • Remember it’s okay to let go – trust your process. There are no wrong choices!
  • Timing – you will only do it when the time is right
  • Start small and you will grow in confidence to tackle the bigger tasks
  • Once you’ve made the effort and you’re feeling good about your new found space and organisation, ask yourself ‘How did it get out of the hand in the first place?’ – This can be a very interesting exercise, one that can help you to change your habits

declutter your mind

Address the above list and see what you can do to ‘declutter’ you life. Decluttering creates order, clarity and space for you to move forward.

Embrace the process and it will give you space to make positive changes in your life.

Love & light,



Tell us about the last time you ‘decluttered’ – how did you feel afterwards?