Today I want to give you a simple task to try.

Start by walking outside into your backyard, courtyard, balcony etc. Just stand or sit still for a moment. What can you see? What can you hear?

You may see birds or flowers, shrubs or hear birds singing and chirping or perhaps dogs or cats.

How does this make you feel?

I imagine that you felt more calm and relaxed, more aware of yourself and your surroundings.

Now look at the action you just took and what did you just do?

You engaged in just being in the moment. What you didn’t do was get into your thoughts or opinions or other peoples thoughts or opinions. You were engaging in life, not in your head.

By doing this you are breathing in the goodness of life – an important factor to our healing. It’s cleansing and rejuvenating. You are not forcing things, you’re connecting to yourself on a more positive level – leaving behind judgement, criticism and reactivity. You are also clearly seeing what is beautiful and wonderful in the world around us. 

The news media loves to emphasis the doom and gloom. Remember you cannot have a positive without a negative. So if you are always seeing the negative, you are not seeing the balance. Look for the positive – it does exist.

The body is so intelligent that when you give it what it wants, it knows how to use it to function at its best. If you are doing mindful practices on a daily basis you are retraining your body. This may seem like an initial struggle, thinking you have to find time to do this, however this can be done may times a day – anytime, anywhere. It is just about being aware of your environment and how it is affecting you. Once you develop the practice you will start to want more and more.Why? Because it helps you to feel better.

By developing mindfulness you are also developing patience, concentration, gratefulness and empathy – it is practising self compassion. It’s not just one aspect of your life or health that you are focusing on. You are building a support structure so that when things aren’t going so well, you can use the practice you have developed to help you through.

You need less reaction and more commitment to your healing process. Mindfulness helps to awaken us to the important things that we truly value – ourselves and others. Start with self compassion and allow yourself to show compassion to others.

Wantirna Wellness Centre offers Meditation for Life courses if you would like to start learning to meditate and embrace the practice in your every day.

Love & light,


Have you been a little harsh on yourself lately? Tell us how you will show yourself compassion this week?