To love oneself is to look at the path of self-care. Acknowledge it and experience good health and happiness. Believe it or not, good health is not hard to achieve, but we must do it by self-managing our health. That involves being accountable for our food and lifestyle choices, our commitment to moving our bodies and our desire to nurture our minds. In being accountable for our health, we can in fact maintain a healthy, happy mind and body. Relying on your GP to keep you healthy is not a wise approach – you know your body better than anyone else, and you know how to look after it and get the most out of it.

Today I’m looking at how we can get the ball rolling – once we get the digestive and elimination processes of our bodies functioning properly we are half way there!

If we digest our food properly we will experience new found energy because our organs are receiving the nutrients that they need to function properly. If on the other hand, we chose to eat food that our bodies have problem digesting then the food sits in the gut and does not provide the nutrition we require. In turn, this adversely affects our organs and system functions and we feel unwell or tired. If we continue in this way we begin to feel worse and worse. Digestive health is central to all our body systems. Without gaining nutrition from our the foods we eat, our other systems are starting off on a back foot – they need nutrients to function.

You may get away with feeding yourself ‘rubbish’ when you are young, but the body will eventually show you signs and symptoms such as tiredness, lack of energy, illness, depression, anxiety etc. Without necessary nutrition, our immune systems cannot function effectively and we get sick. Rather than just surviving in a state of illness, why not give the body what it wants and needs to make you feel great!

Some key ‘perpetrators’ include sugar, alcohol, processed foods and foods with harmful additives etc. You may like to have a look at:

+ Sarah Wilson’s ‘I Quit Sugar’ Program shares wonderful information about quitting sugar and the benefits it can bring to those suffering auto-immune diseases, allergies etc.


+ Rebecca Weller at ‘Vegan Sparkles’ has recently written about her experience quitting alcohol – it is a great insight into her journey.


+ Kathleen & Jenny at ‘Additive Education’ write about food additives and their effects on our health.

Simplify the process –  just start by avoiding any extremes. This is part of many ancient healing modalities including Chinese medicine – extremes cause imbalance. The old ‘eat everything in moderation ‘ still remains a good approach. Extend upon that idea by exploring the foods that make you feel and function at your best. No ‘one approach’ is appropriate for us all. Discovering the right foods for you has to be an organic process that you engage with.

You will feel better and people will notice the changes in you if you can commit to your own good health.

Love & light,


Tell us your top 3 ‘I feel good’ foods! How did you discover what foods/produce worked for you?