Present Moment Awareness

I’ve been thinking about the ‘past’ and the ‘future.’

Really they are two ‘places’ that we frequently visit. They take us out of the now.

+ The Past how much of our time is frittered away with worrying about what has previously happened and we cannot change. There’s the ‘if only’ scenario, or the wanting to relive a particular moment that was special to us. All this does is sabotage our ability to be here and now and just enjoy the moment.

+ The Future ‘When I have time then I’ll meditate’, ‘When the kids leave home then I will do what I want to do’, ‘When I lose 10 kilograms then I’ll be happy.’ Our happiness remains reliant on ‘something’ happening in the future before we allow ourselves to be happy. Aren’t we happy now? Can’t we do all those things that we want to do now?

We don’t need to continue to set ourselves up for disappointment – we don’t need to dwell in the past or make expectations of the future. If we stay in present moment awareness, well we really can’t go wrong!

It’s just right here, right now, nowhere to go, nothing to do – just be and enjoy it.

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Love & light,


What is it that you love about being in the moment?