Power of a Positive Attitude

Let’s be honest – most, if not all, health concerns are primarily brought on by our stress, which then causes dis-ease, pain and suffering.

By working with your actions, words and thoughts to create benefits for yourself and others, you can help to avoid stress, pain and suffering.

To do this you need to look at calming yourself down. You can do this by working with your parasympathetic nervous system and also by maintaining a positive attitude.

If you remain mindful of your inner and outer world and what triggers your suffering, then you can begin to help yourself by either avoiding the situation or by handling the situation in a more positive way. Who is the one person you have the most control over, in fact who is the only person you have control over? It’s you and your future self.

It’s impossible to change what has already happened or even what is happening this very moment. You can only accept the situation and then attend to the causes and make a better future.

Often we find we are more likely to be unkind to ourselves than we would be with others. What you need to realise is that we are worth the effort and are all deserving of a better future. Only by being aware of this and working towards a better future can we improve our work and relationships and our life in general.

Looking after and improving yourself isn’t selfish. It’s actually a great gift to others, as everyone around you will benefit (remember self compassion?). By taking small positive actions daily working towards a calmer you, you will begin to feel the benefits.

Self-compassion is important for everyone; it’s not self-pity but a genuine concern for your health, well-being and happiness. We are often consumed by negativity and forget all the good in our lives; this creates the stress, anxiety and pessimism, resulting in suffering. Compassion for self helps to reduce this suffering.

We all have choices, you can be ruled by negativity and our monkey minds or we can choose to start to regain control and do what we want to do. The choice is yours; we don’t need to choose suffering.


This also got me thinking about happiness. What exactly is it? Happiness is the state of mind that grows the more we experience it.

Do we confuse pleasure with happiness?

The thing to remember is that we live in a world where marketing and advertising try to persuade us on a daily basis that something we buy will makes us happier people, maybe it’s a new car or a holiday. If we believe that our happiness is dependent on material objects then we will be sadly disappointed, most of the time.

How often have we heard people say, ‘When I get more money or when I can afford that …  or ‘When ‘XYZ’ happens then I will be happy?’ It’s waiting and relying on the ‘something’ to happen – what if it never happens?

The Western world focuses too much on the negative aspects of life, that is, what we don’t have. Rather, we should be working on embracing the positives aspects, that is, what we do have.

Happiness is understanding our true selves, accepting who we are and living our lives the way we want to – not what someone else or society expects of us. Happiness is internal. Only we can make ourselves happy. No one can make us happy. No ‘thing’ can make us happy. That might sound like a depressing though but it is actually incredibly empowering. You have complete control over your happiness.

Perhaps you could learn techniques of Mindful Meditation to assist you in changing negativity into powerful positivity? Perhaps you can change negativity into your version of happiness?


Love & light,