Today I’m venting about our culture surrounding food. The way we purchase and consume food has been dumbed down to translating ‘labels.’ Moreso, labels that are often very misleading ‘low fat,’ ‘diet,’ ‘light,’ ‘no fat’ etc. Our attention has been diverted away from the what is real – and I say this quite literally… processed food isn’t ‘real.’ ‘Low-fat’ isn’t real. I could go on.  What we need is to eat a balanced diet of high quality and low processed foods. Maximum ‘bang for your buck’ nutrition is what we are looking for! Not overly processed ‘wannabe’ foods. Never in the history of the human race have we seen more obese, chronically ill people – these people are fuelling their bodies with poor quality food and their wavering health is no surprise.

So in light of this, I wanted to share a few of my favourite online nutrition resources that have a particular focus on nutrition, good quality food produce and well… healthy eating!

I hope you enjoy looking at some of this wonderful nutrition resources.

Love & light,


Can you share any other blogs that chat on this topic? I always love finding new communities to learn from and share with!