Prevention is better than cure right? Surely yes! We have a habit of not recognising health concerns, or if we do recognise them, we avoid dealing with them. I’ve spoken about how our ‘trigger’ to improve our health is often visit to the doctor. Wouldn’t it be better to remain accountable for our own health? Do what we can to avoid needing a doctor in the first place?

Even if we are fit and well, we still need to look after ourselves. If we aren’t fit and well, then we have even more motivation to treat ourselves with care and self compassion.

We can do this by eating good food, exercising and giving ourselves time out to recharge.

If we make things achievable we can do a little bit of something we love everyday. By allowing ourselves just 10-15mins each day, we can improve our physical, spiritual and mental health. We don’t need to make it hard – quite the contrary. We should be enjoying the process of nourishing and looking after ourselves.

Here are some simple activities that you can do daily or take a a different activity each day – try them out over a week perhaps.

Activity 1

Conscious breathing: Give the mind something to think about. “ I breathe in, I breathe out I smile”

Activity 2

Walking:  Take some time outside and pay particular attention to the surrounding sounds of Mother Nature as you walk.

Activity 3

Journaling: Take time to write down your feelings, your wins and struggles, the things you want to do or achieve. Unpack your thoughts for the day.

Activity 4

Loosening Up Exercises: With knees slightly bent, gradually allow arms to swing from back to front,  gradually getting faster. Only do what you are capable of. This exercise helps to warm up the spine and central nervous system.

These activities serve to highlight something on the topic of conversation. It is about mindfully doing things – do things with the intention that they are good for your mental, physical or spiritual health. You can create some of your own ideas and activities too – remember to keep them achievable and enjoyable, that way you will want to continue to do them. Create positive habits (we are very much creatures of habit.)

You might want to look at add a few new foods to your weekly shop, you might like to practice 15 minutes of meditation in preparation for bed.

All in all, these small things add up to you nurturing yourself. And, in nurturing yourself you help your body to look after itself. Remind yourself of this – prevent instead of cure.


Love & light,