What the the Aim of Meditation?

“Meditation is neither shutting things out or off. It is seeing clearly and positioning yourself differently in relation to them.”

This is quote from Dr John Kabat-Zinn in his book “Mindfulness Meditation for Everyday Life.”

Dr John Kabat-Zinn says the following:

Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, non judgementally. This kind of attention nurtures greater, awareness clarity and acceptance of present moment reality. It wakes us up to the fact that our lives unfold in moments. If we are not fully present in these moments then we will not only miss what is most valuable in our lives, but also fail to realise our true potential for growth and transformation.

Posing a few questions today:

  • How often in this day and age are we told about the importance of relaxation and that meditation is a great skill to develop?

  • How many of us actually take action to develop the skills required for meditation?

We have grown up in a culture that has actually encouraged us to always be active in body and mind. We tend to constantly keep our minds working on overdrive and thinking all the time – using our energy resources continuously without allowing ourselves to re-energise by having some down time, to ‘clear our head’ as it were.

Recall back to how many times a simple thought has entered your mind – which has planted the seed for an onslaught of other thoughts, until your mind has created scenarios that haven’t even happened yet. Sometimes these scenarios may have a happy ending, but more often than not we have unnecessarily upset ourselves and caused ourselves stress. Stress leads to an overloaded and compromised mind and body. 

Our ego and mind love to play with our thoughts to see what they can create. Nine times out of ten it is our imagination that is running wild, creating unrealistic situations and ‘what if’ or ‘if only’ scenarios. All this takes us out of the present moment.

So how do we manage this ‘egoic‘ mind?

For me I started by developing my meditation skills. Meditation is a learned process of calming the mind and not becoming attached to the dramas and thought streams that our ‘egoic’ minds can create. It is a process of concentrating on the breath and being the observer of our thoughts, rather than becoming attached to those thoughts and allowing them to anger or upset us.

aim of meditationWe all need time to reflect and plan. Often our days are spent in such a hurry and in an agitated state that we never allow time for reflection and planning – even breathing for a second. We often believe that this is just life, so we must accept it. You have a choice to make time for planning and reflection. Allow yourself to just do it!

Being present in the moment brings awareness – maybe we need to slow down, maybe we need to have a glass of water, or maybe we need to sleep! Being aware of our bodies is a skill that many of us have lost, or take for granted. I encourage you all to take the time, even just a little bit each day, to stop and be aware of yourself. Slow down and feel.

Love & light,







 What does meditation look like for you? How does it improve your wellbeing and your life?