Guest Post by Doris Mounsey:

Essential Oils and Kinesiology – Healing Stress and Imbalance

Through gentle muscle testing Kinesiology addresses the stress factors on a physical, emotional, nutritional and spiritual level. By monitoring subtle changes in the muscles, the origin of stress within the body is identified and analysed. Kinesiology can then show its unique strength, by activating the body’s own healing system and enabling the body to clear and release stress and bring our whole being back into balance. By the end of a Kinesiology session the stress in your body is reduced, allowing the body to restore itself to its natural balance again.

Kinesiology can help with an array of health concerns including:

  • Stress, anxiety and depression
  • Tiredness and feeling ‘burnt out’
  • Pain and pain management
  • Long-term injuries and Illnesses
  • Digestive Problems, allergies and nutritional deficiencies
  • Learning and behavioural difficulties
  • Skin conditions
  • Many other conditions including Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Irritable Bowel Syndrome

During a Kinesiology session following procedures might be used:

  • Specific muscle tests
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Meridian System
  • Acupressure Points (no needles)
  • Structural assessments
  • Neuro-lymphatic Points
  • Neuro-vascular Points
  • Flower essences
  • Essential oils
  • Homeopathics
  • Schuessler Tissue Salts
  • Chakra System (Chakra Holograms)
  • Sound, Colour or crystals

During a Kinesiology session, gentle muscle monitoring provides feedback on the stress patterns and imbalances within the body’s many systems. Through continuous muscle monitoring the nature of these stresses will be analysed – they can be of physical, nutritional, biochemical or emotional origin.

During this process, Kinesiology helps you to connect to your own inner wisdom; relevant information will come up allowing you to gain a greater understanding of what’s happening on a conscious and sub-conscious level in your body. Once you are aware of the stress or imbalance, specific Kinesiology procedures are used to release stress and to stimulate your body’s innate healing ability.

Essential Oils and their Use in Kinesiology

Robbi Zeck, the author of the book – ‘The Blossoming Heart’ identifies that each essential oil has a physical, emotional and spiritual aspect associated with it and during my Kinesiology sessions I discuss this idea with my clients.

For example, when working with Lavender Essential Oil, it has the two aspects of ‘neglected’ and ‘nurtured’. While smelling the oil, I talk to clients about aspects of nurturing and chat with them about which areas of their life they can focus more on nurturing themselves.

On a physical level this could mean taking a warm bath with Lavender oil, having a massage or plan a nice relaxing sleep-in for the weekend; on an emotional level nurturing could mean spending more time with friends or family members who nurture and respect you; on a spiritual level nurturing can be a walk on the beach, joining a meditation group or whatever you find nurturing and uplifting for your spirit.

Using this example, through Kinesiology we can release the stress around feeling ‘neglected’  fairly quickly and then focus more on the desired outcome of introducing self-nurturing elements into your life. After having the blockage around feeling ‘neglected’ removed from your energetic system, you will have more clarity around developing new healthier nurturing patterns for yourself.

Such a Kinesiology session would then guide you towards new thought patterns around ‘What truly nurtures you’ or encourage you to think ‘How do you nurture yourself?’

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